Argumentative Essay Of Mice And Men

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In “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, George made the right decision in shooting Lennie because Lennie did not know his own strength. Another reason is If George did not kill Lennie others would have killed him. However, the other side might argue that Lennie did not mean to kill Curley’s wife, thus he deserves to live. George should have killed Lennie because Lennie did not know his own strength, that is the reason why he killed many things by accident and caused many problems. “Why do you got to get killed? You ain’t so little as mice. I did not bounce you hard” (Steinbeck). This quote shows that Lennie did not know his own strength. He plays with the puppy, bounces it with his huge hands and at last he killed his puppy by accidentally.…show more content…
Some people might think in the opposite side that George should not killed Lennie because Lennie did not mean to anything. He has done it without knowing how strong of himself. Lennie made many troubles this might be because of his disability, but this is the reason that he deserves to live. He has done many thing that make George get into trouble and It is better if Lennie has to die because of George shoot him not the other. "All the time he coulda had such a good time if it was not for you” (Steinbeck). The quote shows that If George did not have Lennie, maybe he could have a better life more than this because he does not have to take care of Lennie and he can live his life without get in trouble. George had done the right thing. He should kill Lennie because Lennie cannot control his mind because of his mental problem even he did not mean to do the thing that he have done but George might have the better life If he did not have to take care of Lennie and at last if George did not kill Lennie, Curley will shoot Lennie. However Lennie is going to die in someday and It is better choice if Lennie gets killed by George not the other
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