Argumentative Essay Of Mice Of Men

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In Of Mice of Men by John Steinbeck was banned because of the use of the word God in a profane way, objectification of the black characters, and the portrayal of prostitution throughout the book. Steinbeck wanted to illustrate how people talked and acted towards black people and the portrayal of prostitution with everyone being short on money they would do whatever it takes to get a paycheck. From my experience from reading Of mice and men, I didn't think anything was wrong with the book at all I thought it was a great book. Giving I was in 11th grade when I read the book but still if I had a kid and they had to read this book I would be happy due to the good life lessons they use in the book. Now I'm not saying a support dropping the n-word every other page but that's on how they talked during that time period and two its was used in a sorta nicer way if that even makes sense. Overall how Steinbeck used the n-word sorta had a magic to it that should how little respect blacks had during the depression. Now as a Christian i do not like using God's name in vain but in Of Mice and Men they use it in a way where I feel like I'm in the Great Depression and I’m in the beating California sun and I proclaim “God dang it's hot” I feel like its a way to describe something in this book and not disrespecting his name.…show more content…
Now I understand back in the Great Depression it was hard to come across money and women did what they had to do to survive. But prostitution is illegal nowadays I wouldn't want my younger kid to read this though it's not really vivid they only describe them as going to the cat house so it’s either a strip club or a prostitution lounge. Still, even though this point puts it in a gray zone for me I still believe Steinbeck put this in here for a reason to show the true struggle for money and make you feel like you were in the Great
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