Argumentative Essay On 10000 Hours

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Ten thousand hours or 10 years is the duration in which someone must be willing to practice in order to achieve world class expertise in any desired skill. Utilizing this much time is the phenomenon known as the 10,000 hour rule. However, time is not the only criteria in need of consideration; in fact, people are gifted in multiple ways, but people do not take the time to pursue their niches. Therefore, the 10,000 hour rule allows people to take the time to evolve their natural gifts.
Some may argue that, in reality, having 10 years of practice makes a substantial difference in skill development. An example occurs when there are two children in the same regular science class that are both excelling. One child has a parent who pushes him or her in school to be the best and who works with his or her child for many hours. The other child’s parent loves that he or she is doing great in school but does not push him or her to his or her fullest extent. Furthermore, when Gifted testing is right around the corner and all of the children are trying to force year’s worth of information into their heads there is one child that is not at all worried. The time is near, and all of the children are trying to force tons of knowledge
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However, the novel implies that the opportunities given to a person lead to success,“But what truly distinguishes their histories is not their extraordinary talent, but their extraordinary opportunities” (Gladwell 51). Yet, others think that it is purely by talent. Both are wrong; it is a combination of both unprecedented talent and unrealistic opportunities that cultivate an extraordinary artist. True, one might be gifted, but unless someone comes along and offers an opportunity to develop that gift into more than a hobby, he or she will never be successful from
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