Argumentative Essay On A Dental Hygienist

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It’s an ordinary day, much unlike any other, as Mary arrives at her dental office, a few minutes early, so she can indulge in her guilty pleasure, this week’s PEOPLE magazine. As she grazes the articles, her dental hygienist, Darci, appears in the reception area and escorts Mary into the hygiene room. Mary hangs up her jacket and purse, and sits down in the dental chair where Darci drapes a bib around her neck.

Darci: Nice to see you Mary, are there any changes in your health? Any new medications? Have you had any surgeries or been to the hospital since your last dental appointment?

Mary: No new MEDS, and I haven’t had any surgeries.

Darci: Okay, that’s good to hear. Now before we start, are you having any discomfort in your mouth?

Mary: No everything seems fine. I’m still using my Sonicare twice a day and continuing to floss every night.

Darci: Good for you. Okay I’m going to tip the chair back and take a cursory look in your mouth before we start.

The hygienist puts on her gloves and mask, switches on a light that is secured to her dental Loupes and picks up a mouth mirror, as well as a probe, and begins surveying Mary’s mouth. She finds that Mary’s tissue isn’t as pink as usual, and more inflammation is present. She starts to measure around some of the teeth for inflammation and/or bone loss. Upon some isolated probing, Mary’s gums are bleeding spontaneously and there seems to be more plaque developing on the inside of her front teeth. Darci

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