Argumentative Essay On A Trump Victory

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A Trump Victory
There's another concern for a Trump presidency besides the likelihood of war, the appointment of ultra-conservative judges, the deepening of racial divides, mass deportation, the cooling of climate change initiatives and the loosening of regulations that restrain corporations from plundering and poisoning us.
That concern is that a Trump victory defeats the ideal of the virtuous leader, the idea that success and greatness is built on the traditional values we've all been told to aspire to, the values that allow us to walk closer to divinity, the values that make us better persons and the world a better place. A Trump victory—and you can argue that he's already been victorious—spits in the face of those values. Here are the ones
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Donald Trump is nothing if not himself. When his advisors cautioned him on moderating himself he was quick to return to who he really is; defying the conventional wisdom unused Perhaps the saddest thing about Trump's Presidential run is that he has completely destroyed the ideal of the virtuous leader, that nice guys and gals are the ones who win in the end. Not that virtuous leaders don't exist, but they aren't a pre requisite for getting to the top. You can be rich, famous, successful and even the President of the United states by lying, bullying, boasting, grudging; not to mention tax-dodging, non-paying,
The pretense
There is another concern that no one is yet talking about and that is the example that a Trump victory sets for your children.
Just as it seemed unlikely that Trump would prevail in the Republican primaries, it now seems that the same scenario is unfolding in the presidential election. If that happens let's hope that he doesn't govern as he promised and instead turns out to be the president to lead our planet to safety and prosperity for all. Ha, ha, ha,

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