Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is probably one of the biggest debates to date in the United State. The article was a pro-abortion article, and gave examples as to why it is a women’s right to choose. It was written by a doctor who shares the opinion that abortion is okay. There may be a time where it is necessary for a woman to have the choice to have an abortion or not. Those choices could include rape, or if the pregnancy will cause serious health issues to the mother. The article stated that raising a child that is unwanted is a death sentence. If a woman is grown enough to make a baby then they should be grown enough to have to take care of it. If the mother is not at an age or maturity leave to be able to care properly for the baby there are many people out there that cannot have children and would like to adopt. The article also states that at the point in time that a women would have an abortion that the embryo is nothing more than a ”mass of relatively undifferentiated cells” and that a baby does not have rights until it is born. From the time a baby is conceived until the time in which the baby is born it is a living human, and has all of the same rights as a human to be able to live a healthy life. If women are not held accountable for their actions and don’t take precautions they potentially could terminate multiple pregnancies. With the lack of consequence comes the lack of protection. If women do not have to worry about getting pregnant, women could also be putting themselves at

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