Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Can you imagine the face of an innocent baby smiling and giggling as she responds to her mother’s caress? Can you visuaize a unique and dependent baby crying whenever she needs something? What if ths baby was still in the mother’s womb? What if this helpless child was forcibly removed by a sharp object wherein it crashes the unborn child’s head and vital organs? Years passed by and the cruel act of abortion was approved by law. Countries like USA and Great Britain accepted the practice and went by unaffected with the lives they ignorantly have stripped. Should abortion really be made legal? Is killing innocent and helpless unborn infants now considered morally right? Truth is to be said. Nowadays, more people practice abortion. People gradually converted from being contra- abortion to pro. They say that abortion may be used to effectively decrease population and that outlawing it would be violating women’s right. Cases such as rape, teen pregnancy, incest, and illness strengthen their testimonies. Moreover, these group claims that it is a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body. Aborting decreases the population? It violates women’s right? Obviously, it one way of decreasing the overly populated world. Really? Now we can just randomly decide someone else ' death? What is happening to this world. How inconsiderate can today 's generation be. It is not "our" decision to do. It is not so different with murdering a man of he 's forties. True. There have

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