Argumentative Essay On Abstinence Education

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Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Abstinence before marriage is the foundation of all things good. The group, Focus on the Family, firmly believes this to be true. The “Why Abstinence Education? It’s Right-and it Works,” series was posted on their website in September 2013. This article is actually a family educational series about why Focus on the Family supports abstinence until marriage education over comprehensive sex education. Most public school districts do not teach abstinence only sex education. Focus on the Family argues that schools should include abstinence only education because they believe that it is God’s standard.
This group’s website is all about family, and the Christian way of life. They address many social issues
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They provide talking points, such as “sexual abstinence until marriage provides numerous health benefits,” and that abstinence programs deter other high risk activities of teens like smoking and drug abuse. The authors also talk about how schools teach risk avoidance when it comes to many other subjects, such as drug use, bullying, or even nutrition. The comparison is that schools do not tell students about different types of alcohol, they teach students to avoid alcohol. The Focus on the Family group feels that sex education should also be about risk avoidance, instead of risk reduction. They even go as far as saying that risk reduction sex education is “taught at a lower standard than all other health topics.” They include a link to a National Abstinence Education Association study that shows how Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) improves teens. A continuation of the article goes on to include discussions by nine Bible scholars, and the creation of the “Colorado Statement on Biblical Sexual Morality.” The statement that abstinence prevents pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is impossible to argue with. They also provide a side by side list of the fundamentals of comprehensive sex education versus abstinence until marriage education. All of these arguments are logical to their target
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