Argumentative Essay On Adolf Hitler

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Historical Essay: Adolf Hitler (World War ll)

Adolf Hitler- most know his name; a famous person, but not famous for doing good things. You may know his name, but do you know who he really was? Hitler played a major role in both World War l and World War ll, as, again, most may already know. But just how big a role did he play in the wars? He played such an important role, that some of the things he did and agreed to helped to start the war. Adolf Hitler, born in Braunau am Inn, Austria on April 20, 1889, had a rather difficult early-life. He was born into the family of Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl, and had five siblings (Adolf was the fourth child). Adolf and his father had a rocky relationship, as he was hurting Adolf emotionally. He also
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He became an intelligence officer in the military, and then became a member of the German Workers Party, or later, Nazi, and finally moved up to the position of the chairman of the Nazi. Along the way of getting these positions, however,Hitler had became popular because of his speeches against other politicians, Jews, and the Treaty of Versailles. With his new popularity, Hitler was able to run for Germany’s president during Germany’s great depression. Although he lost the election both rounds to the rival candidate, Paul Von Hindenburg, Hindenburg had appointed him chancellor. This new position in Germany’s government gave Hitler the opportunities he needed to seize control of the country. Hitler had managed to form a legal dictatorship with his new place in government, and created the Enabling Act, which gave his branch of government the full power of the legislature for four years. He went on to suppress political and military opposition, and then abolishing the president of office. This put him as the head of government and state, and thus, dictator of Germany. After becoming dictator, Hitler made laws against Jews; he boycotted Jewish goods, banned Jewish and non-Jewish German marriage, excluded Jews from state service and schooling, made them carry around identity cards, banned Jewish doctors from treating non-Jewish patients, and banned them from many public places. When violence against the Jews
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