Gender Differences In The Porn Industry

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When a black female hears the word “work” or “job” at the age of 18 they seem to think of the normal nine to five. Maybe even working at a fast food restaurant or the movies. However there is that small percentile that thinks outside the box; they think and dream much larger because they have larger things to accomplish in their life that a fast food and movie theater check can’t cover! Those who dream that big and want it fast and right at that moment turn to one of the largest paid industries, Porn. Also known as adult entertainment, this industry alone bring in over 10 billion dollars annually. As stated before there is great money to be made in this type of work, however there is just one problem as with any great idea there will be a…show more content…
However that doesn’t seem to be the case in the adult entertainment world. Women of color do not get paid nearly as much as white women starting out in the industry. Both are the same age (18 years old), both young and beautiful, possibly entering into the industry with no experience. So what is the deal breaker between the two? Well it’s quite simple it’s all about their exterior appearance. Their skin color makes a major “pay difference”. The article states that in the Porn industry white women are seen more beautiful than women of color. After so many years of fighting for equality it still doesn’t make a difference in what some people deem as beautiful. Sadly the people in charge of who gets paid however much seem to think different. They aren’t judging this women off of their talent or how well known they are, or even what they are willing to do once the cameras start rolling. Instead all they see is are they light skin, white or dark skin, what does the average white American male want to look at while they are watching their porn site, and which women will bring in the most revenue to the…show more content…
Ms. Pepper came into the industry because she felt that the black sexuality was under represented when it came to hardcore, which she was very right about. Ms. Pepper states “I just want to show the world, look I’m Black and beautiful!” She then goes to say that “We are always seeing white people have sex. We want to see some Black people having sex…. I want to be a part of history.” And Ms. Pepper did just that. She became part of a group of sex radicals who worked on major adult films. Following right behind Ms. Pepper years later Sinnamon Love to the “game” to new
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