Argumentative Essay On Adventure Seekers

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There are many different types of people in this world. There are people who “play it safe” and then there are “dare devils”. Adventure seekers like to take risks that can put them in life or death situations. However, determining who should be held accountable for their actions is the real issue for the adventure seekers and taxpayers. Adventure seekers should have to pay for their dare devil actions like bungee jumping in life or death situations, but it depends on if the person who is doing the dangerous activities caused the accident . Adventure seekers should be held responsible if they make risky decisions to do an activity that can harm themselves. It was their decision to go and do those dangerous activities when they know that something…show more content…
However, if the situation is not their fault they should not be the guilty ones. For example, a guy was underground and a rock fell and hit him. The article states, “...a carver in Germany was nearly 4,000 feet underground when he was hit by a falling rock. It took rescue teams 11 days to get him safely back to the surface,”(Tucker). It explains that all life or death situations are not always caused by a human 's mistake. It can be from an unexpected natural problem. In the story, “The Seventh Man”, a wave came up and swallowed his friend K. In the story, it states, “He tried to run, but now there was no time to run. In the next instant, the wave had swallowed him,”(Murakami). It displays that the Seventh Man could not help his friend due to a storm. He should not be responsible for what happened to his friend K because he did not know that the wave was going to swallow K. If someone dies or gets hurt from a malfunction, they should not be held responsible because it was not their fault in the first place. It reports, “The accident was ultimately traced to a faulty replacement battery that the commander in charge had authorized. When Bradley’s ignition was turned on, the replacement battery in the turret...failed to shut off current to the gun. Mayek, who was 20, died,”(Sherman). This situation was not anyone 's fault because there was something wrong with the equipment. No one should feel guilty or have to pay in this situation because it was unintentional. People may argue
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