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Alcatraz Why is Alcatraz so horrible to be in when You are a prisoner? An island that was surrounded by shark infested water held alcatraz. Alcatraz held the worst prisoners of all time. In alcatraz they are not afraid to shoot if you are doing something that you are not suppose to do. They keep a good look out on all the prisoners. Most of the most famous criminals lived there in alcatraz cells ( video 2). Frank Lee Morris, John, and Clarence Anglin attempt to escape. The question most people have is, did they survive? There are evidence to how they did, and how they did not. Most of the evidence leads to them succeeding to escape but failing to survive. This fantastic story of Frank Morris, Clarence and John Anglin, and almost Allen West had attempted to escape Alcatraz. According to Scholastic Scope using real human hair, the prisoners made dummies of there heads that couldn't be known as dummies in the dark. The night of June 11,1962 had been the night the inmates had been waiting for. Their plan had been carving their way out using a spoon, and then climbed up the pipes. Once the lights went out they went for it, placing the dummies on the bed and climbed through the hole they made. West had to do a little more to be able to escape. Once West got up to…show more content…
One passing the Golden Gate Bridge, washed up on the shore of Devil's Island, and the other one floating around Angel's Island (video 1). Also according to Scholastic Scope “Officials believe they were swept out to the sea.” The life Jackets floating around would make sense if they floated away into the sea and the homemade raft had failed to keep afloat. A body had been detected floating in the bay, unfortunately the body was never identified (Scholastic Scope). Last but not least there is more evidence towards the swim the prisoners had to

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