Argumentative Essay On Aliens

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“Ancient Aliens”
Machines that lessen the human’s work like to transport of heavy objects to places, aircrafts that carry people to travel around the world, and space crafts that send humans to space (Ancient Aliens TV Series). Did these modern technology exists before our existence on this Earth? What if the aliens influenced our mankind before? Did the Aliens come to Earth and share information about modern technology and influence mankind? Does the Aliens planned humanity or our future world? If they do, why did they do that? Will they comeback on Earth? If it’s all true, does it mean that we are missing a huge part of our history?
The great pyramid of Giza, was impossible to be built in just 22 years wherein the stones weighed thousands of tons. The stone was perfectly cut, transported, and placed. Many architects and engineers didn’t agree with those estimates because it’s impossible to build a pyramid that is perfectly arranged (Ranker, 2018). It’s amusing because the pyramid was built a thousand years ago and there are no
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Some people believe that aliens really exist. I someone criticize that how can I say that aliens do really exist and if I already saw an alien, well some aspects in Earth are not true but some believes in those.
I choose ancient aliens because it’s interesting. Maybe the idea of the existence of aliens makes sense because how the people before could do such things that only advanced technology can do? I found the ancient aliens because it’s a tv series, I watched it at late nights though I have classes in the next morning because it’s interesting, it’s not boring to watch it, actually for me, it’s entertaining. But sadly, I didn’t finish the whole season because I was busy doing school works but hopefully, I can finish the ancient aliens tv series now since it was my topic for the whole
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