Argumentative Essay On Alternative Medicine

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Health is one of the most important blessings which must be preserved well. There are many different treatment methods such as taking chemical medications or changing lifestyle either by being on a diet and avoiding fast and unhealthy food or making daily exercise or even both. But recently emerged a different method for the treatment of diseases and it is the alternative medicine. Treatment in alternative medicine can be herbal medicines (Ginseng tincture — for weakness and exhaustion), traditional therapies, and mind-body intervention (yoga and tai chi chuan) (Jaiswal&Bajait, 2015). Although some people claim that chemical drugs and medicine can be used without the need of the alternative medicine as it is already beneficial enough in treating diseases without taking longtime like alternative medicine do. But as I see that alternative medicine has a great merit in treatment of many diseases by taking care of the psychological condition of the patient. In addition that alternative medicine is safer than chemical drugs. Opponents of alternative medicines see that using alternative medicine in healing diseases would take a long time, which might be irritant to some patients (Stares, 2015). But the opponent’s opinion is not true, alternative medicine therapy does not always take…show more content…
On the other hand even with the alternative medicine sometimes taking a long time in treatment, but we can’t marginalize its major role in healing diseases nowadays. In addition to what stated by Cyr&Cowen (2015) the alternative medicines complement the drug in the cure of the patients by improving psychological condition. Plus the most important advantage over the chemical medicines which is the high safety profile. So in my opinion physicians should intensify start to believe in and apply alternative medicine therapy with patients and spread the idea of the high benefits of this

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