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Some people believe Amelia Earhart didn’t die because she made a perfect landing allowing her to land on a nearby island. While others believe Amelia was a secret agent working the U.S government which points to her close relationship with the Roosevelts. People suggest that the plane crashed after she intentionally deviated from her course to spy on Japanese-occupied islands in the Pacific. They also believe that Earhart and Noonan could have landed on one of the islands and were taken as prisoner. Another theory holds that Earhart returned safely to the United States and changed her name. They say she lived a long life in obscurity, but I believe the real reason and most accurate reason is Amelia Earhart ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean and died of impact. This reason sounds the most accurate because they never found any body remains. She was flying across some of the deepest and longest parts of the ocean, which can lead to them not finding any plane remains or body remains. They also can’t say she landed on a island because when they found remains they were of an man.
Amelia Earhart
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In 1928 Amelia accepted an offer to join a crew of a flight across the atlantic. Her manager Putnam who soon became her husband in 1931, arranged all her flying engagements, many which were followed by lecture tours. Those tours were staged to gain maximum publicity. Earhart became world-renowned as "the first woman to fly the Atlantic. “Earhart became upset by reports that she was largely a puppet figure created by her publicist husband and that she was something less than a competent aviator. To prove her skills as an aviator, she piloted a tiny, single-engine Lockheed Electra from Newfoundland, Canada, to Ireland. Then, on May 20-21, 1932, and five years after Lindbergh, Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.” (Encyclopedia of World
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