Argumentative Essay On Angel Vs Demon Drivers

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Angel Vs. Demon Drivers
When people ride with me in my car, I get mixed reactions in response to my driving. My male friends think I drive too slowly, my female friends think I drive way too fast, my mom thinks I drive too aggressively, whereas my dad doesn’t think I drive aggressively enough, and my little sister doesn’t have any opinion of my driving and could honestly care less. But what truly makes a driver “good” or “bad”? Throughout this essay, I hope to discuss what makes good and bad drivers the same, different, and how we can increase safety out on the roads.
Because of who I am and what I drive, I get a mixture of stereotypes thrown at me. Because I’m a teenager, that automatically means I’m a reckless driver. Because I’m female,
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Even if one disagrees with a certain law or social expectation of driving, one should try to comply to them as much as possible. The main reasons some drivers disregard the rules is that: 1. They are distracted. 2. They feel social pressure to. 3. Simply because they can. So how should we go about changing this mindset? In reality, we can’t. Despite the multitude of videos we show people of the consequences of breaking the law while driving, people still tend to drive the same way. However, we must continually push drivers, both future and present, to drive to the best of their abilities and obey all laws.
In conclusion, all drivers are given a stereotype, the idea of “good” and “bad” drivers is all opinionated, and we can’t really do anything new to change the mindsets of drivers. This does not mean there are not angel drivers and demon drivers out there on the road. But everyone has a different idea of which driver goes in which category. No matter how others may drive, or your perception of their driving, you should constantly drive to the best of your abilities and obey all road rules and

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