Argumentative Essay On Animal Clinic

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A rush to the animal clinic is every dog and cat-loving family 's worst nightmare. But as the experts here at the Crescent Springs Animal Hospital in Crescent Springs, KY reveal, many of the most common dog and cat health problems, and the animal clinic visits that go with them, can be prevented with a proper diet. The American Veterinary Medical Foundation says that dog owners alone will spend hundreds of dollars per year on veterinary care. But with these tips to tweak your furry friends ' diets, you 'll give them a leg (or paw) up on staying healthy and out of the animal hospital..


Believe it or not, the obesity epidemic has hit American pets even harder than it has people. Thankfully, the chance you 'll end up taking your pet to the dog or cat hospital with issues from cancer to arthritis can be minimized simply by only feeding proper portions, reducing, treats, and making sure no one slips table scraps under their chair at dinner. Keep your dogs dapper and your felines fit by reviewing the proper portions and feeding schedule with a vet at your local animal clinic. Sometimes one little change, like giving fewer treats, is all it takes to prevent a future pet emergency.

Bowel Problems
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There are many factors that can contribute to gastrointestinal problems, but this one is most often caused by the animal 's diet, and vets say that a low-fat, high-fiber diet works best for upset tummies. Check the nutrition facts on your dog or cat food—is there a lot of wheat or soy? If so, you may need to switch to a higher-quality chow, as these ingredients are fillers that aren’ts great for cats and dogs. Make sure your furry friend drinks plenty of water as well, as this can help keep things "moving" to clear out the
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