Argumentative Essay On Animal Shelter

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Snickers saved her family from a fire last august, her family was sleeping in an RV that caught on fire. Snickers is a 1 year old shar Pei mix, the same family she saved had to move and she was placed in the Glen Rose Animal Shelter in Texas. This story is one of the many reasons why families have to turn to shelters for assistance. In California, especially, where the housing costs have increased in the last few years, this have made many families relocate and have been forced to place their animals in shelters. Some shelters don’t have the capacity to house animals for a long period of time, as a result, the animals that don’t get adopted in a certain period of time have to be euthanized. As a founder of a small animal shelter I can meet…show more content…
I decided to have the animal shelter in this city because of the high population of strays animals. The animal Control Section of the San Leandro Police Department handles concerns regarding stray animals in this city, but because they are short staff and always experiencing a high volume of calls, they are not able to respond to calls as soon as they should. In addition, they transport the animals to the Fremont animal shelter (located about 20 minutes from San Leandro) the problem with the Fremont shelter is that they aren’t a non-kill shelter. Furry Friends Animal Shelter will be a non-kill shelter, It will be difficult to house many animals in a small place, but my plan is to start by housing a small number of animals and as the non-profit grows I can expand the shelter and hopefully be able to purchase a bigger property to house more animals in…show more content…
“Managing the controllable parts of the marketing process mean designing a want –satisfying product, sealing a price for the product, putting the product in a place where people will buy it and promote the products. These four factors are called marketing mix because business blend them together in a well-designed marketing program” (Nickels and McHugh p. 366) The marketing mix will help me develop a service to satisfy my customers’ needs, it will allow me to increase customer participation, stronger donors, staff, volunteers and stronger and efficient services. Product: my nonprofit will offer a services, but I do have to understand the values and demographics of my donors, this is critical to ensure that the shelter will have enough funding. The animal shelter needs to provide the services the customers expect to
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