Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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In the article, “Using Monkeys for Research Is Justified”, it states “But virtually every medical advance of the last century depended on animals, often to provide the fundamental underpinning of understanding which paved the way to develop a successful treatment. My own experience shows that using primates in research still has the potential to help us gain an understanding of how our own bodies work—and how we can repair them—that would be otherwise impossible” (Baker). There is a lot of controversy about animal testing. Animal testing is something that many people talk about a lot. Animal testing is something that has impacted our world very much. People see all different sides of animal testing. If we did not use animals for testing we would miss out on some life-changing treatments for people who are suffering from terrible diseases. Even though we have not found cures for every disease in the world, we have found cures for many of them. Animal testing is something that has been used for many of years, so why should it stop now? Animals should be used for medical research, because the tests saves peoples lives, they show what illnesses can be cured, and they increase the knowledge of the scientists. To begin with, many people suffer from all different illnesses but animal testing reduces the amount of deaths there are. If all of our medicines were not tested on animals first then there would not be good outcomes for humans, because the medicines might not be safe.
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