Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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Tragic Testing More than 100 million animals are used in medical laboratories for testing in the United States per year. The grim reality of animal testing is barbaric and horrifying. These animals do not have a voice to refuse such unethical treatment against their will. Testing on animals has been conducted for numerous decades with only little improvement for the environment in which these animals maintain their survival. Therefore, it is up to humans to fight for animal rights. Animals should not continue to be used in research testing because animal testing is expensive, there are effective alternatives to research testing, and humans do not have the right to harm an animal for beneficial outcomes. One reason humans should stop research testing on animals is that performing these tests is highly expensive. Though it is not stated in the text, animal research uses over 16 billion dollars annually in the United States of America alone. Yet, in the text of “Use of Animals in Biomedical Research,” does state, “However, in this era of cost containment, they fear that overregulation will become so costly that research progress will suffer” (624). This infers that the money used for research testing, which does not always have accurate results, could be applied to other fields of research. One example where such money could be spent is to computer and technology simulations Moreover, there are alternatives to animal research and testing. For instance, in present-day
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