Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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“I saw cats bleeding from the mouth and nose, shaking violently, and screaming in a manner that I have never heard a cat scream before” (“Investigator 's Notebook”). This shocking observation, recorded by an undercover investigator at the Professional Laboratory and Research Services, is a terrifying reality for hundreds of millions of animals imprisoned in labs across the world. Animal testing dates back to BC times, being utilized by scientists such as Aristotle who conducted experiments on living animals. Today, animal testing is used for medical training and experimentation, as well as to test cosmetics, drugs, and chemicals. The means of obtaining these animals are categorized as either Class A or Class B. Class A animals are bred and raised in laboratories, allowing scientists to genetically engineer the exact traits they desire. Class B animals are usually collected from breeders or shelters and in some cases are stolen from unsuspecting owner’s backyards. Animal testing is unnecessary and inhumane because it causes severe pain and suffering, has a high cost, and many humane alternatives for testing are available. Each year, over 12 million animals in the US are subject to excruciatingly painful procedures that are performed in order to evaluate the safety of a certain product or medicine (“US Statistics”). Toxicity testing is one common procedure in which animals are exposed to a certain toxin or carcinogen every single day for up to two years. They are more often
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