Argumentative Essay On Antisemitism

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• Anti-Semitic Policies
The topic that I will cover on during my essay is Antisemitism. I chose this topic because of its intimacy relevantly to my Christian life. I grew up at home a Christian, knowing nothing but church, by so doing, I got to know the Jews religious beliefs and routines that are compiled in a book called the Bible better and started to put some of them in practice. Another thing that I have noticed about the Jews is that they are strict about their religion, meaning they are optimistic people and respect God, they believe in God’s word of promise no matter what obstacles. Which that is what I’ve adapted in my life, connecting with God through prayer when going through lovely and hard times. I learned also that the more
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There has been accusations that Jews were planning to take over the world, Manis Friedma said “We have our faults, we’re vulnerable to some legitimate criticism sometimes, but, plotting to take over the world? Where did that come from?’’ (Friedman, 2014). In order for one to understand this mysterious controversy of anti-Semitism, one should clearly have an understanding and intentions of its target, which that is Jewish. He further went on to elaborate, on who really are the Jewish people, what is Judaism? Is it a religion, family culture or a nation? Which I think also that the lines are blurred when it comes to that question. What is it that really made or make people hate the Jews so much. Maybe Jews are hated because they are famously known as the “chosen people” according to the Bible. Maybe that is the nature of the hatred. But I still feel like that is not the good reason to throw shades at somebody and also don’t believe that Jewish people are the chosen one by God. Jew is just a created term, or condition. The things that was created by God is stones, grass, trees, animals and human. It is not said in the bible that God said “let there be light, let there be humans” and “let there be
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