Argumentative Essay On Apollo 13

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"Houston, we had a problem," is the famous quote that many people use today as a joke. What they are not aware of, is that the quote originated during Apollo 13. People should appreciate the bravery and sacrifices these pilots made to venture into an unknown part of the galaxy where men had never set foot before. This mission inspired greatness among it's crew because many of the flight members had never been in space before, survived for 5 days in unstable conditions, and came home to a forever changed company.

Apollo 13 was supposed to be a very trustworthy mission when it launched because they had test pilots who put themselves in danger all the time on the rockets. When Apollo 13 left for space there was not much news about the mission, which was okay with the pilots because going up in the air had never been a problem for the crew. But when they went into space it was actually the first time for 2 crew members. Although they both were fine with the idea of risking their life for science. The reason for that is when it ended with news all around the world was because when they got into space some bad events occurred which will be explained in the next paragraph. All in all, Apollo 13's crew had always been comfortable with the idea of flying, but after this catastrophe
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When Apollo 13 returned all the wives of the men were overwhelmed since there was so little hope on them coming back at all. Lovell's wife was thinking that if her husband did not come back, what would she have to say to her children that daddy isn't coming back. This led to NASA's control room tear up and cry because they were so relieved that they had brought back home three men back home to their families. So when Apollo 13 had happened NASA did not send another craft back into space until they have perfected their
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