Argumentative Essay On Area 51

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Located just outside of Las Vegas is the facility most commonly known by society as Area 51. This is said to be the location of a United States Air Force base, although we now know that is not true. It is much more than just an Air Force base. It is the world’s greatest experiment. Area 51 come to the public’s attention just over 60 years ago, when several test flights began to occur. This quickly led to public speculation, as the Base was top secret, and almost no one was allowed to see what went on inside such an establishment. In the beginning, however, people thought it was of the government’s best interest to keep the sensitive information that was generated in the facility from falling in the wrong hands. To accomplish this, the facility had to…show more content…
They have been successful with their cover up, until now. My life is in danger, and so is yours. The horrific scenes that I have seen are indescribable. The aliens have been tortured to levels unforeseen by mankind. They have been greatly experimented on, to see if we can develop their technology. Due to this, the aliens coming in a larger wave, armed and dangerous. We had recently intercepted transmission, of an alien conversation and they were on route to Earth. We don’t have much time, we must do something fast, or else the aliens will begin their takeover and no one will be spared.” This story is a firsthand account of The World’s Greatest Experiment, also referred to as Area 51. This cover up will no longer hold, we will share the truthful horrors of Area 51, so that together as one world, we can prepare our defenses for the world’s first and last interstellar war. We can no longer sit, and not react. We have to change the way we think, and get the knowledge to as many people as possible. The aliens are coming, are we ready for

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