Summary Of Arguments Against Abortion

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Did you know that about 22 million unsafe and illegalized abortions take place every year all over the world? And about 50 thousand women die due to these unsafe abortions? Abortion is the procedure of losing the fetus, whether naturally due to medical issues or by a mother’s or parents’ will. It is a debate that never comes to a resolution as people’s opinions and perspectives differ according to their beliefs, education, and upbringing. Various opinions that are worth thinking and considering exists in the argument of abortion although it is religiously refused, medically unsafe, and irresponsible, some people still regard it as a woman’s right. ( One of the first reasons I don’t support abortion is that abortion defines the meaning of life and death. Kerby discusses in her article “Arguments against Abortion” medical reasons why abortion should not be legalized, he asked an important question that should have a strict answer within our community, isn’t death declared with a cessation of a heartbeat? Then why doesn’t onset of a heartbeat define life? And if a heartbeat defines life, then abortion should definitely be outlawed. Moreover, have we ever thought about what pain the fetus feels? Isn’t it unfair to a little fetus to experience pain because of irresponsible parents? And the mother’s health risks isn’t a debate we should dig in, it is the mother’s responsibility and choice…show more content…
As religion, medical reasons, and responsibility always prohibit us from abortion that is considered murder to religion, immoral issue to the community, and a male plot for some selfish reasons; it is only accepted in the severe cases of medical issues. It is crucial to always take pregnancy in a responsible way and think carefully before making that decision that might change your life
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