Argumentative Essay On Artificial Intelligence

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Strolling in the park with our favourite music playing from iPods is a great way to relax. How about waiting for dinner to be served or being stuck in a check-out line? Well, browsing our news feed on Facebook and Twitter will keep us occupied. At present, technology allows us to stay connected anytime and anywhere. Since the dawn of Industrial Revolution in Britain, technology has been advancing at an impeccable pace. The 5G Internet access with a mind-blowing speed of 1 GB/s, a fantasy just years ago, is currently under extensive research and development at Sony Ericsson’s quarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Technology couldn’t be a bad thing, right? Sadly, everything comes with a trade-off. What has technology done to our interpretation and definition of a “normal” life?

We have become overly dependent on innovations in technology to provide us with meticulous calculations and substantial amount of facts that we have completely disregarded our cognitive thinking skills. Our brain is like a muscle, if it lacks exercise, it will start to atrophy and gradually degenerate. Intelligence is not about rapid processing speed or magnificent computing powers. The underlying reason why Artificial Intelligence (AI) have yet achieved humans’ thinking abilities, is that they are unable to figure out novel solutions creatively when presented with a dilemma. Creativity, the bedrock of society evolution, a humane trait we have been all too quick to disregard, is the essential element

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