Argumentative Essay On Asylum Seekers

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To. Mrs. Hopkins, Recently, I have read your controversial and callous article ‘If Britain is prepared to provide an all-inclusive resort service for asylum seekers, the least they can do is wear a bloody wristband.’ From a student with a family member who has experienced being a refugee, I know that the issues regarding asylum seekers and refugees are critical in the modern society. Therefore, I feel that your article, mostly oversimplified and prejudiced, could mislead lots of readers to have undesirable views on those people who are in need. Although most of your arguments are either factually incorrect or oversimplified, some of your points are undeniably true. For instance: a normal worker from the UK who ‘might earn £30K a year’ has…show more content…
Of course, some people did commit crimes when they came to the ‘land of plenty,’ but the refugees and asylum seekers had lots of positive contribution to Britain. Also, the repetitive use of ‘land of plenty’ has pleasant connotations which conceal the magnitude of the issue. Considering that you are accusing them that they lack dignity, I cannot help but to question if you have actually regained your dignity. I do not think ‘cleaning my own toilets’ suggests that you have reclaimed your honour; are you being hypocritical? Mrs. Hopkins, I cannot bear with your euphemistic assertion of ‘I will remind them there is exceptional dignity in defending your own country’. Yes, I fervently agree that these people should be protecting their own country in some extent as it is their country. However, your prejudiced view of these people throughout the article (including the quote I just embedded) creates negative imagery of the refugee and asylum seekers. Clearly, you have not thought from refugees’ point of view from your bigoted viewpoint towards these people. Did you think these people wanted to leave their country? I think not. I simply cannot condone your statement, disparaging the refugees as it is either over-simplistic or falsified; it is our duty to help those people who are desperately in need. Sincerely, Hamin

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