The Rich Man And Lazarus Essay

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“A creature rebelling against its Creator is like a plant refusing to grow towards the sunlight. It results in a broken relationship which separates that creature from the eternal source of all life, love, truth and well-being, including its own” (Lewis, 1952).
Numerous films, books and documentaries that opposed to Christ have been published and exposed to public. Some of these are unintentionally showing that a God is not real or does not even exist because perhaps it is just a result of an extensive imagination of the authors. But probably most of these are, causes immoral influences that prompts the formation of hesitations to the mind of every Christian regarding to the existence of a God. This variety of influential mass media promotes
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They easily gave up their beliefs and lose their faith on faith. The story of “The Rich Man and Lazarus” written in the Bible tells the life after death, especially for those nonbeliever. The spiritual bodies may go to hell or heaven depending on how they live during their lifetime. This also serves as words of warning to let people know the consequences they can have when they died and their spiritual body faces the judgement of…show more content…
Aikman (2008) refers to Atheism as a cause of uncertainty and violence in the world of faith. It only disturbs the concrete beliefs of Christians to the supremacy of God. With unseen motives, Atheism became a source of development of hesitations that break the connection of God and man. People became more aggressive because they do not worry on the possible consequences of their wrongdoings and the sins they commit. Atheism brings about the existence of evil and suffering. Due to temptations, ambiguities to the mind of man are growing. Man’s perception to Christian beliefs has changed. Atheism initiates loss of man’s faith to his own faith. People start to question the existence of a God and they begin to question the reliability of the holy

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