Argumentative Essay On Augmented Reality

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What is augmented reality? It is a type of virtual reality which augments or supplements the physical environment with additional information generated by computers or in other worlds to bring the virtual world to the real one and combine them. The aim of augmented reality is to develop an experience where we cannot make a distinguish between the physical world and the virtual world.” Today’s world is an interactive one in which technology is used to discover and share information, and research is no longer limited to books and databases.” [1]So instead” augmented reality apps can help librarians answer reference questions, assist in instruction, and create a more interactive learning environment.”[1] Augmented reality lets you put media out in to the world, move the internet to the world and allow everybody with a smartphone,…show more content…
But what makes people more nervous is the idea that this technology allows us to categorize and reduce everything around us to information and take away the realness of the world. If you look at the history of the web and industry of film and any of the media we are used to, we don’t really understand what they are good for, until lots of gifted professionals, had vision and ideas to start experiment in those. They couldn’t predict YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and all other different sites. So the same thing is going to be true for augmented reality. Until we get it out there, we want relay know what the technology is good for. Whether it’s a mundane or practical application like instructions in a piece of equipment or medical information of a patient or something more a little complex like taking situational awareness information presenting it to a soldier or to a police men, augmented reality seems to have such a great advance impact in technology and has become an important aspect of

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