Argumentative Essay On Bad Teachers

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Bad Teachers There is such a thing as a bad teacher. Students agree that whether it’s because they hate kids, abuse their authority, or have personalities that are unsuited for their profession, some teachers are just bad. However, upon closer inspection, categorizing some teachers as “bad” becomes complicated. Take for instance, Mr. Shepherd Quincy, described by a former student as the “most caring teacher I ever had,” who now “does battle with students on a daily basis” (Michie 123). Gregory Michie asks, “What has changed?” One possible answer is teacher disempowerment. Jaded and discouraged by the educational system, teachers who were once beloved may become burnt-out and disinterested in teaching, no longer motivated to make a positive impact on students’ lives. This teacher powerlessness has roots in systemic issues that rob teachers of control in their own classrooms. Yet the effects of these discouraged teachers manifest most strongly in…show more content…
With advanced age and position, the teacher can use the rewards and punishments at their disposal – grades, detentions, and preferential treatment – to condition students into silence. Armando describes one such teacher. After she demands that Armando sit by the door, his teacher accused him of “sitting there blocking the doorway like a slob.” In response, Armando “just stayed quiet, ‘cause the teacher’s gonna win anyway. The teacher’s always gotta win… Sometimes you feel like they don’t even want you there” (Michie 58). His reaction of resignation indicates something alarming – he is used to being treated this way by teachers. When his word is pitted against the teachers’, he often comes out the loser. By reducing communication to a one-sided exchange of teacher telling students what to do, students are taught that their comments do not

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