Argumentative Essay On Banning Books

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According to over 300 books are banned each year in the United States. Why do some people think they have the right to take away this from others and themselves. No one should the right to take away books or anything form anyone without having the right to do so. One reason why books should not be banned is because who ever requests to ban the book, sometimes doesn't read the entire book. They will hear about an awful topic that is expressed in the book and flip to the page to see what it says. This is not acceptable because they are not reading the whole book and just judging a book by its cover. They don't feel like they have to read the book because of one bad word or offensive section in the book. They will hear from a source that an offensive section is in the book and tell the school to get it…show more content…
It states that we have freedom of speech. This includes we have the right to read what we want. So if we have the right to read a book or anything why can people take it away from us. We can read what we want, where we want, without having it taken from us, so why do some people think it's acceptable to do just that. We need to teach every one about this so no one makes this mistake. The government made this law so we can have respect and then the government wants to take this away, this is not acceptable and should never happen. The last reason why banning books is not a good idea is, we have the ability to search books up online and find the book there. One example of this is, this website allows anyone to find any book and have the book read it to you. This website is safe and trusted by millions even by the government, so again this makes us think, why do we ban books? If this website is active and available in most places why would they bother banning books? With resources like this anyone is capable of reading any book that they want or have

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