Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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Imagine stepping onto a stage for the first time in front of hundreds of people while they critique your every move. Young women get a thrill out of the bejeweled dresses, costumes, fake nails, tans, hair, and lashes. Some individuals feel beauty pageants are a disgrace to young women by degrading them to society, creating body image issues and strains on mother-daughter relationships. On the other hand, some feel as if beauty pageants are worth every penny in the world because they promote confidence and valuable charity opportunities. While every pageant, natural or glitz, comes with its ups and downs, they are beneficial for young women through aiding them in bettering themselves throughout life. Beauty pageants have been around for centuries and will be present for many more to come. While professionals cannot tell the exact date pageants started, they like to celebrate the world’s first modern pageant on “September 19” because it began on that day in “1888 in Belgian” (Worlds First Modern Beauty Pageant). At the beginning, beauty pageants were used to “pick the next wife of the ruler or king across Europe” (World First Modern Beauty Pageant). The winner would get a grand prize and an opportunity to be on the cover of the most admired magazine in that time. Once pageants started showing up more in the news and in papers, women started to feel as if they were being “objectified” and it was lessening their efforts to attain “gender equality at home” (Rholetter). Today,
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