Argumentative Essay On Being Jewish

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It wouldn’t matter what so ever, if your family was jewish, you were jewish in the Nazis eyes. Sadly it was true that if you had any connection to a jewish person you were getting sent to a concentration camp.1. Most people were not mistaken for Jews, but even when the did it was a few, most Christians , Jehovah Witnesses and other religions were thrown into concentration camps because they did not believe what Nazis were doing and what Hitler believed in. The ones that fought the most angered Hitler and he decided to backfire on all of them.2.” speaking of the targets he liked to go for - unarmed civilians”.”Innocent victims: A machine gunner aboard a German He 111 bomber flies over a Polish city in September 1939. In one recorded conversation Nazi airmen are heard boasting about targeting women with prams” This is just…show more content…
At the latest from summer 1941 onwards, the National Socialist leaders had only one aim: the murder of all Jews. Accordingly, the phases of forced labor that involved Jews differ from the general kind of forced labor.” Jews were forced in the first step to get to work and if they failed to do that to be exterminated. When in concentration camps many jews were forced to participate in experiments and torture. Many experiments were about Hypothermia, and testing diseases on innocent people, these people did not say it was okay to allow all of this to happen but because they were practically slaves, Nazis could do anything they wanted to these people. It wasn 't possible to evade a raid if you were jewish, if you were in the room while the raid was about to happen or anything then you would be captured. since the nazis had history about the people 's lives then they would automatically know that you were jewish. But there were people that tried resisting. Things were always taken from the jews, when all of this first happend there was laws to uphold for jews only”..Usually anyone caught helping or hiding Jews was killed, along with their entire
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