Argumentative Essay On Belly Dance

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Who we are and what we do matters, not just to us but to the people around us. In the articles presented within this essay the salience of understanding is exemplified through a common topic. Comprehension is crucial to coexisting, as well as appreciating our roots, motives and purpose. Failure to remain enlightened results in difficulties, such as diminishing social awareness and social issues. Cultural appropriation is the usage of cultural components in which its basis becomes distorted. Correspondingly, cultural appropriation is a highlighted, yet perplexing issue in modern society. In the articles “Belly Dance: Appropriation or Appreciation,” by Dominique Eztel and “When Does Borrowing Become Cultural Appropriation in Dance?,” by Valeria Lo iacono Symonds; the current global attitude towards belly dancing, a dance that originates from the Middle East and Africa, is deplored.…show more content…
Etzel declares, “With white skin and a pixie haircut, Shay Moore would probably never be mistaken as an Arab woman.” Moore insists that belly dancing, just like any other art form, is comprised of aspects from numerous cultural origins, therefore the argument that the dance is appropriated is simply invalid. Nonetheless, Moore admits the sexualized image of belly dancers, in modern media, does in fact exist, as well as how she herself used to think of belly dancing as “a thing that insecure girls did to show off their bodies.” Hence, in Symond’s article she acknowledges this same modern idea of belly dance and contributes its rather newfound acceptance or popularity to the famous Colombian singer, Shakira. Although belly dance was and still is seen as sexual by many in the West and even in the Middle East, Shakira has managed to reintroduce the dance genre to mainstream media as aesthetic, alluring and

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