Argumentative Essay On Bereavement

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Bereavement is the loss of someone you love. One of the most heart wrenching experiences we can face in our lifetime is the death of someone you love. However, bereavement can manifest itself in other situations such as health decline in you or someone you hold dear, or the termination of a special relationship. Grief is also a normal part of the bereavement process and is defined by the manner in which we respond to an intense physical or psychological heartache. Grief is a very intense emotion. It is agonizing and can drain one's soul. Consequently, it seems more pleasing to avoid confrontation of these emotions. However, this is not a healthy way to search for a viable practical long-term solution. Grief that is concealed can make you sick or present itself as a physical, mental or emotional illness, down the road. The healing process cannot begin until one can work through their…show more content…
Avoidance, is the first phase of grief that is common. Many experience shock and disbelief upon hearing the news of loss and a numb feeling can overwhelm the body. Crying spells, lack of motivation, and insomnia may also occur. The second phase of grief is confrontation. When reality begins to set in, a flood of emotions can result. Anxiety, protest and anger are just a few of the emotions that can be felt during this difficult time. Anger may be targeted toward hospital staff, God, other family members, one's self or even the loved one who has parted. Guilt and mood swings are also common and reactions for someone to experience. The third phase is restoration. During this phase, loved ones must learn to cope and also move on. Engaging in new activities and hobbies, building new relationships and restoring old friendships are ways for loved ones to move past this sad moment in life and look forward to the future that they still have on this

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