Argumentative Essay On Bernie Sanders

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Presidential Paper Although many would disagree, I believe Bernie Sanders is the best presidential candidate because i think he has many great qualities and aspects. This essay will be about Bernie Sander’s position on the topic of abortion, his presidential candidate opponent 's position, as well as mine also. My candidate, Bernie Sanders believes women should have the decision of abortion. As a matter of fact, Bernie Sanders in an interview on ABC, was asked if there were “any restrictions” on abortions, and Sanders replied that, “the decision “ultimately” has got to be made by the woman.” Another quote that he states is “we are not returning to the days of backroom abortions, when countless women died or were maimed. The decision about abortion…show more content…
When Tim Russert asked me on Meet the 1 Stephanie Amber Silvola 3B press if i would ban partialbirth abortion, my prochoice instincts led me to say no. after the show, I consulted two doctors I respect and, upon learning more about this procedure, I have concluded that i would support a ban”. As a result, Donald Trump comes to different conclusions on abortion and on unclear of his position on this topic. I, in my own opinion, believe Bernie Sanders is the best person for the job of president. He and I both believe that rights should go to women, not the government. Another ideal of him that I like, would be that Bernie wishes to help women outside of abortion issues, that has to do more with economical and political views on women. I, in my thoughts, think can take advantage and can make through elections. His type of mindset is what makes things more justifiable. This candidate will contribute as the President of the United States with great plans and a positive attitude for a successful future, even with complicated social issues. I personally hope Bernie can get the recognition he deserves and wish luck upon to all
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