Informative Essay On Cheaper Education

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Cheaper Education
The average amount of debt a student gains prior to college graduation is $26,800. To some, that number may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but to those who are struggling to make it day to day throughout college, that number is utterly horrifying. Although many people may disagree, college NEEDS to become cheaper.
It is said that the richer the families are, the greater the likelihood that the children are in college by time they are nineteen. Poorer students tend to either steer clear of college, or go to very small, cheap facilities. However the case is, the more money is had, the less money is supposedly given in aid. Those who oppose cheaper education see that as being a key issue; if the education was
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Loans. Loans are the route in which most every college student takes, and with loans comes debt. Loans seem all fine and dandy throughout school because it means a job isn’t needed during every second of “free time.” Loans mean that outside of class, there's all the time in the world to focus solely on doing well and succeeding in college. However, once college is done and those bills start rolling in along with the loan sharks terrorizing their eager little pray, the loans get real scary. Again, $26,800 dollars, on average, is what debt is rewarded by graduation. Despite belief that a high paying jobs gets rid of loans quick and easy, it takes an eternity to climb out of debt. Nobody even starts out making top dollar. By time that debt riddle citizen climbs up the company ladder, interest has already taken over and BOOM! Bankruptcy-a lifelong sentence of being deemed untrustworthy with money and almost never being able to receive anything of value again.
In conclusion, cheaper education could prevent a life filled to the brim with financial problems. It's crazy that such an insane amount of effort is put towards racking up debt, just to receive a decent paying job in the

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