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Yeti. Sasquatch. Bigfoot. The names instantly conjure images of enigmatic apelike creatures existing at the thresholds of human experience. We imagine them as huge, hairy, and walking on two legs, a perception developed throughout generations of sightings and crystallized in 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in their brief but historic film ( Higgins ). Bigfoot has many characteristics that make him stand out. First, there is evidence that authenticates Bigfoot existence. However, there are skeptics that has been corroborated to insure Bigfoot is a mythical creature. But, the media has a big role in proving bigfoot’s existence or mythological existence. In summary, while many people believe that Bigfoot is not real, there are many media shows and people endorsing that Bigfoot exists and they are hunting him down. Many people believe that the shows are fake and that people are just dressing in costumes. Bigfoot has many characteristics that…show more content…
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization receives and collects evidence of the Bigfoot (Higgins). Miners told stories of creatures throwing rocks at their cabins and discovered big tracks (Krensky 31). “There are, in fact, way too many eyewitnesses for this phenomenon to be purely imaginary, as skeptics assert” (Carroll). With the abundance of eye witnesses, that are so widely dispersed over the country, the alternate skeptic explanation that the sightings are all hoaxes (Carroll). Even so many think of Bigfoot as a phony, many have reported sightings and reported where Bigfoot was spotted. Lots of evidence has been proven to convince people of his existence. People who have come to Bigfoot close say he smells like rotting food or skunks (McClellan 13). Ostman, a lumberjack, claimed that a Bigfoot family captured him (Krensky 30-31). Gerald Crew found a set of large footprints at his construction site in California

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