Bilingual System Advantages

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Bilingual is someone who can be able to speak, using, expressed and understand in two languages. In react year bilingual system becomes the most controversial topics around the world and in the U.A.E also. In addition, there are a lot of conflicting views on this issue. However; I believe that the bilingual system should be essential to the world. And, in my essay I will discuss five reasons that support my statement and theses reason are:
1. Bilingual build a better brain and improve your educational skills.
Students who study more than one language tend to be smarter than the students who study in one language. Because, they can think differently and out the box all that because the different skills which they again it from both languages. Furthermore, Dr. Joanne H. Urrutia, Director of the district 's Bilingual Education and World Languages Department reported that there are studies shown that bilingual students in general academically outperform and score higher on standardized college entrance exams than monolingual students. In addition, Dr. Joanne believes the higher scores may indicate that bilingual students have advanced thinking skills and had a greater ability to think metaphysically. Moreover, learning a second language inherently builds more vocabulary and better communication skills in not only the students ' second language, but also for your mother language. Additionally, there is a study done by Dr. Ellen Bialystok, York University linguist, shown that the bilingual children learn to read faster than monolingual children. In her study, she focuses on letting these two groups to analyze the letters without any pictures. And she ends up with that bilingual students were better prepared to relate symbols to words and words to meaning.
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In addition, there is a recent study from University of Kentucky College of Medicine shown that being bilingual from an early age, helps protect against memory losses caused by Alzheimer’s and dementia. By the same token, in a study done at the Public Research Center for Health in Luxembourg, result showed people who spoke three languages were three times less likely to have memory problems than bilingual people, while people who spoke four languages were five times less likely to have memory problems than those who spoke only two languages. In addition to helping memory, being bilingual is also proven to reduce the risk of developing
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