Argumentative Essay On Black Conservatives

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“One of the most threatening places to be in politics is a black conservative.” - Senator Tim Scott The left doesn’t like black conservatives. Well...they don’t like any conservatives. But they REALLY don’t like black conservatives. The left has had issues with black conservatives for a pretty long time. But wait, aren’t they supposed to be tolerant? Aren’t they supposed to value diversity and inclusion? They love minorities, right? Turns out this “tolerance” and “inclusion” only applies to minorities who agree with their views. See, the left isn’t quite as tolerant as they make themselves out to be. They don’t value diversity of thought. They accept you only if you subscribe to their views. This is why they respond to black conservatives…show more content…
The NAACP did it to Deneen Borelli when they wouldn’t allow her to have a booth at one of their national conferences. The Smithsonian National Museum Of African American History And Culture did it with Clarence Thomas when they neglected to feature him in their exhibits. The left has continuously tried to keep black conservatives from reaching their treasured voting base. That’s why they respond so aggressively when a black conservative manages to get some attention. That’s why they try to paint us as people who hate our own. They don’t want black people to hear about the benefits self determination and smaller government. They don’t want black people to hear about lower taxes. They don’t want black people to start believing that they don’t have to be dependent on the government. These attacks won’t continue to work on black conservatives. We’re already seeing a shift in this country. The policies of the left have been rejected. Even by black people. Sure, Donald Trump didn’t get the majority of the black vote. Black voter turnout in this past election dropped. They may not have wanted to vote for Trump, but they definitely did not want to vote for a continuation of Obama’s
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