Argumentative Essay On Body Cameras

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Should Body Cameras Be Permitted In All Police Departments?

A recent University of South Florida study, which examined the effects of body cameras within the Orlando Police Department, found a 65 percent drop in complaints against officers. Cops who wore the cameras had a 53 percent reduction in officers use of force. The debt on cops wearing body cameras has gone for quite some time now, and the truth is body cameras should be permitted in all police departments. There have been numerous amounts of deaths and accusations between officers and the victims who have had an encounter with them. Many people a questioning whether they want to actually protect them or do these so called “crimes” have to do with a they color of skin. Police are "supposed to be protecting you, but you can't trust them anymore," (A TEXTBOOK CASE FOR BODY CAMERAS) which is true, for the reason being people do not know what goes down between a cop and a civilian. Although you may have witnesses, a small video clip of the encounter, and the statement from the cop but what has been told it not always the truth and what is seen from a screen does not show the full
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These body cameras are an invasion of privacy to these victims caught on camera. People in the U.S as Americans have a right to privacy as stated in the 4th amendment, these body cameras are invasion to their privacy by placing the videos from the camera on Youtube or online. It is true, that these cameras are a violation of privacy and it breaking our amendment however, the police departments will work with victims so the videos will not be released, the department of police can ask permission to release the videos or at least sign a consent form to put it out. Victims on camera can ask ask cops to turn off the cameras at any time. At the end of the day they do have choice, therefore body cameras should be permitted in police
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