Argumentative Essay On Bodybuilding

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I 'll go to my death bed telling the world how vital proper nutrition is to a bodybuilder 's success. I 'm sure the world at large doesn 't really need to know this but you, dear reader, might! :)

Actually, I 'd say that eating correctly along with supplementation contributes some 60% (maybe even higher) towards your overall success at bodybuilding. If all you do is go to the gym three days a week and nothing else, still eating the same old rubbish you were before you started bodybuilding and not taking any supplements then you 'll grow, but not very much and before you know it your gains will stall. You 'd then be like 50% of the other gym users who train year in, year out wondering why they never seem to get any bigger or stronger.

In fact, it 's pretty scary when you think about it. You really are what you eat - feed your body a load of crap and you 're in for a tough time trying to obtain a physique that 's anything other than crap. Maybe I 'm being a bit blunt but nutrition and diet is VITAL to getting big and musclular - being a successful (huge!) bodybuilder.

Mike Christian (a famous pro bodybuilder from the 90 's) once said that his first piece of advice to anyone asking for help in getting over a plateaux was always to double their protein intake. Nine times out of ten the person, if they took his advice, would start growing. Simple advice but it shows the power and utter essential nature of the part nutrition and diet have to play in your bodybuilding.

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