Argumentative Essay On Border Security

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When immigrants come into America, they bring with them new ideas and traditions that allow for the growth of a nation. Since the dawn of America, immigration has always been a controversial topic. Immigrants have always been labeled names that would cause Americans to look down on these people. This would also fuel an everlasting fear of too many newcomers and the effect they would have on America’s dominant white European culture. Americans feared change throughout history. Although many people aren’t very accepting of new ideas, they fail to realize that immigration has already shaped the culture of American society in profound ways and Americans can only expect it to keep changing. Today politicians offer to kick undocumented immigrants out and are finding a way to prevent further immigration in…show more content…
By increasing border security this goal could be met. Since the year 2000 “the amount of border wall has grown from 77 miles to 700 miles”(Caldwell) meaning that this issue is trying to be tackled. Current President Donald Trump has been enforcing strict immigration laws and has already spent billions on border security. But, this means that the money that is being used for border security will be coming out of taxpayers' pockets. He's given some executive orders that have resulted to be controversial. Some can argue that America’s racist culture is on the rise since Trump was elected into the White House. Although border security will help prevent some immigrants from coming in, “half of America’s illegal immigrants overstayed legally acquired visas”(the Editors). That means that a lot of today's immigrants are coming into the US legally, but staying longer than they were originally supposed to. This also means that the government has accepted many of the people to come and visit the country. The government may be partially at fault for not being stricter on overstayed
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