Argumentative Essay On Boxing Vs Boxing

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When I think of pure fighting the one combat sport that always pops in my head is Boxing. This combat sport is usually the first thing you think of because the blows to the head and bloody faces. The sport of boxing is known as an English sport, but in the early 1900s the U.S and France gained a liking of the sport (Boddy 1). In the early 1900s there was conflict, trying to figure out whether the U.S or Great Britain is better at boxing than each other. The United states started to adapt and discovered a style of Boxing called the “American Style” and the opposite was the “English Style” (Boddy 1). The English were dominant at the sport of boxing throughout the 19th century, but once they introduced the sport to the United States and France,…show more content…
That sport is wrestling is popular around the world, but for the elite wrestlers, there’s not much after college or the Olympics (Mather Jan. 2016). What do you do? When you wrestle in college, you’re on top of the world, but there is not much for the sport outside of college/Olympics (Mather Jan. 2016). In my opinion, I believe this is the case because the sport of wrestling isn’t enjoyable to watch or pay to watch. In many cases wrestlers take their talents to the MMA gym, and for a lot of them it has worked out well. For example, Daniel Cormier wrestled in the Olympics and is now the Light-Heavyweight Champion of the world (Mather Jan. 2016). I’ve seen a few of Daniels fights and you can just tell how dominant he is when grappling with other fighters, he man-handles grown men. Another fighter is TJ Dillashaw who was a wrestler pretty much his entire life, and after wrestling in college, he decided to try MMA because the sports coexist together with the determination and hard work. After several years, he has become one of the top fighters in the world (Mather Jan. 2016). This just goes to show how valuable wrestling is when you transition into MMA, and I believe with this tool you can develop the other techniques to become an elite
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