Argumentative Essay On Brown Girls

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WARNING: the 40-year photographic progression of the Brown sisters is not a glorious artistic triumph that should be praised as a model of life. Though the shallow sloths of society will celebrate this project as a demonstration of the loving bond of family persisting through the ravages of time, they could not be more mistaken. Rather, these abominable pictures should be earmarked as a cautionary tale: never allow oneself to become trapped into cliche statute poses, frozen into lifelong routines. These photographs should be condemned for its rigidness, not celebrated as a noteworthy tribute. Ignore these turtles who proclaim that these quaint pictures show our metamorphosis through time; there isn’t an ounce of actual change depicted anywhere. Though countless ignoramuses argue that the superficial signs of age--wrinkles, haircuts, and sagging--represent the depth of change, these differences are only skin deep. Though we can only see the sisters appearance, it’s clear from the similar photos that their lives have contained little unique transformations. The endless monotony of the snapshots is mind numbing: the same black and white style, identical never-quite-smiling expressions, and carbon-copy physical…show more content…
Sure, we might ballon out, loose hair, or acquire scars, but these differences are one-dimensional. If one doesn’t deliberately shake life upside down, their physical metamorphosis may be the only evidence of personal evolution. As the years slip by, it's easy to meander along, working synonymous jobs, living in interchangeable houses, and fulfilling the normality obligation until we’re entombed underground. Well, NO MORE! Everyone must break out of their flat photographic prisons and examine the rare colors of life. Forget the old routines and construct new traditions; live like nobody else has
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