I Love To Eat Fat Essay

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We all love to eat. However, we want to lose fat and enjoy what we eat as well. Is it possible? Are you a kind of skeptical when you hear there are foods that burn fat or “fat-burning food”? If yes, no worries. Most people outside are doubtful too whether they can eat theyr favorite food and lose weight at the same time.
There are certain types of foods that burn fat, due to their thermogenic effect, while others have fat-fighting nutrients which maintan your body’s metabolism and help make you feel full longer.
Before we discuss on foods that burn fat, there are two types of fat that have good and bad impacts on our body. They are:
• Essential fat:
It is a positive fat we need to help the functioning of our body. This fat is mostly stored
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You can cook it for soup, blend it as smoothies, or add to your salad bowl. Eating spinach helps you control your appetite. Choose the organic spinach for a better result as ordinary spinach may contain lots of chemicals that may harm your health. • Olive Oil
Olive oil can help shed extra fat and give a more balanced eating habit. Consider replacing your cooking oil with olive oil to make delicious dishes. In addition, you can use olive oil for your salad dressing too.

• Cucumbers
Cucumbers are easily found in groceries. But not only that, cucumbers are rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory elements. Moreover, its vitamin C and magnesium gives you some extra energy. The best thing is cucumbers are also good for your skin’s and eyes’ health.

• Whole-wheat bread
Whole-wheat bread or brown bread contains low calories and some of the most important nutrients such as copper, iron, magnesium and so on. According to a research, people who eat brown bread are lighter than white-bread eaters.

• Hot peppers
Do you like eating spicy food? There is a good news for you. Hot peppers can speed up the process of burning your body fat. It is an amazing antioxidant source and contains nil cholesrol and nil saturated

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