Argumentative Essay On Cafos

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Today we read an article about factory farming of CAFOs. This is where we get most of the meat we eat. Like cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys etc. I’m going to show you what happens in order for you to get your steak dinner, or your tasty bacon in the morning. CAFOs want as many animals in one space as they can get. For an example, the Smith field’s CAFO in North Carolina will put up to forty full grown two hundred and fifty pound hogs in one pin the size of a small apartment. Practically trampling each other to death, or causing serious injuries. For this reason I think they should move their pins to where there can be more room for the hogs. Sometimes when the pigs get sick they put as many drugs as they need to in order to be able to keep it alive enough in order to butcher it. This kind of goes along with the whole idea that there is to many pigs in small spaces.…show more content…
Some of the antibiotics they put in there animals could help cure diseases like MRSA. MRSA is a disease you get from toughing raw meat with a cut on your hand or from touching meat then scratching your nose or something. MRSA kills dozens and injures hundreds a year around the United States. More than 94,000 people have problems with MRSA a year. The animals in CAFOS around the world consume nearly 70% of antibiotics, perhaps more than 24 million pounds a year. This is why I think factory farming should be banned for all the safety hazards and the animal abuse towards those pigs. If we replaced all those factory farms with family farms where the cattle or pigs can run around and play until they get butchered instead of sitting in pins all there life and getting trampled to death. They also have to live in there own feces, and the ventilation system isn’t the best. Where on a family farm the animals would be able to run around without getting trampled to death, or having to live in there own feces. Would you like
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