Argumentative Essay On California Drought

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PT 2016 Hook the audience:Would you like to travel long distances just to take a shower or wash your clothes? There is a drought in California. The farmers and drillers have been taking up almost all the water and the citizens are outraged because they do not have enough water supply to do the basic necessities. California should make a law to limit the amount of water pumped out of aqueducts. “...When she needs to go, I just take her outside”(Source 2). Consequently, a mother whose home does not have enough water for her daughter to flush the toilet. So instead of using a toilet she must take her daughter outside to do her business. This is such an unsanitary act for someone to have to undergo because of the farmers and drillers taking…show more content…
”I’ve been here in the same house for 37 years and this has never happened before…”(Source 3). To elaborate, A 37 year resident of an area is now in a water shortage time period due to the excessive amounts of groundwater being pumped by drillers and nearby farmers. According to our source, this type of crisis has never happened in the last 37 years. "City folks just don't understand that they're biting the hand that feeds them, I'm afraid"(Source 1).
The farmers believe that the amount of groundwater they pump is not an issue. Even though it is putting a massive amount of stress on the city folk that the farmers are providing for. "Everything about farming is already unpredictable, harvest to harvest"(Source 1).
In the first place, farming has been unpredictable, and the amount of groundwater needed for them to produce food and make money will be different depending on the time
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