Argumentative Essay On Cars

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FRONT WHEEL DRIVE VERSUS REAR WHEEL DRIVE, WHICH ONE IS SUPERIOR? Cars, automotive vehicles that are being used all over the world, all over the time with variety of models, types and brands. Not to mention, cars has been one of the most important transportation method in our daily life. It can be said that, nowadays every people has his own cars. Despite that, how many of us know a little bit of the history of cars? Well, let’s have a quick glance at some of important events and people in the history and revolution of cars. For your information, the first car was built by Karl Benz, a Germany inventor. The car built then was just a simple two stroke engine, a gasoline fueled engine (Michael MacRae,, April 2012). Nowadays, the name Ford, is known all over the world. The man behind the idea of setting up the Ford model cars from scratch is Henry Ford. Henry Ford is one of the most important figure in the automotive history. One of his greatest contribution in the automotive world is the ‘Model T’. Model T was built and sold to public in year of 1908 and the number of sales reached over the year has set a new record in the history of automotive at that time. Within the time, Ford has own about half percentage of the automotive industries. (“Henry Ford Changes the World 1908”, Eye Witness to History, 2005, retrieved from: Those were some examples from the history of the cars that we have been using in our daily life now. Nowadays, most of
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