Argumentative Essay On Castaways

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Eighteen “Castaways” step out onto a deserted beach, the only sign marking it as their home for the next month is a banner standing before them, a banner which also tells them their tribe name. These contestants come from all different walks of life and most have no idea how to survive in the wild. The only thing connecting them is their willingness to compete for a million dollars.They are on "Survivor", a reality show which pits contestants not only against each other, but against the elements as well. At the beginning of the show they were divided into tribes, now they must work together to make fire, build a shelter, and compete against other tribes for food, gear, and immunity. If their tribe loses, they must vote one member out. In order to win, they must outwit, outplay, and outlast. "Survivor" first came out in 2000, and since then, it has captured the attention of millions. Some viewers are drawn in by the drama, others, including me, are more hooked on the survival and competition aspect of the show. While some feel "Survivor" lacks ethics or is a waste of time, I believe the show is an exciting and interesting form of…show more content…
When the show is on, my parents and I gather in the livingroom to watch it while we eat dinner. My attention is most captured by the competition aspect of the show. I think the challenges are often incredibly intense, involving puzzles, endurance, strategy, and teamwork. It’s comparable to how a fan of sport may feel while watching a game or match. I’m often left on the edge of my seat as I anxiously wait to see who will win and who will lose. We also often enter a "Survivor" pool, where we pay five dollars and are randomly assigned a contestant. If our contestant wins, we also win some money, usually around ninety dollars. This adds to the entire experience, because it makes me feel even more apart of the
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